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About us.

Our commitment:
delivering top quality live insect -and frozen food.

ReptoFood, built on years of experience, is dedicated to supplying the best food animals for reptiles to wholesalers and retail chains across the European Union. We collaborate with our sister companies to supply top quality fresh food animals from our own breeding on a daily basis.

As part of the Aquatic Wholesale Group, we collaborate with our sister companies to supply top-quality live insect- and frozen food from our own breeding on a daily basis.

Let us tell you
all about ReptoFood.

Our farm.
Nestled in Dongen, North Brabant, ReptoFood boasts a proud legacy as a locally-rooted breeder of grasshoppers, backed by decades of seasoned expertise. Formerly known as “De Springplank B.V.,” our insect nursery has stood as a bastion of quality in the live animal food sector since 1998. Upholding rigorous breeding standards, we ensure that our insects surpass industry requirements, guaranteeing optimal nutrition and safety for your treasured reptilian companions.

Delivery fresh daily by Aquadistri!
By breeding most of the insects ourselves and choosing partners who can deliver fresh, we always have a fresh product. For most of the product range, the motto is: packaged today, delivered tomorrow, who can match us?


We envision a world where
Reptiles thrive with the finest food.

That’s where ReptoFood aspires to be the premier provider of high-quality food animals across the European Union.

With over 25 years of experience, we have transformed into a dynamic force, dedicated to supplying an extensive range of food animals. Our journey with the Aquatic Wholesale Group has only strengthened our commitment to delivering excellence.

At ReptoFood, we don’t just supply food animals; we provide a holistic solution for reptile nutrition, where quality, innovation, and convenience converge. Join us in nourishing reptiles and fostering a world where they not only survive but thrive.

How ReptoFood evolved.

AWG works through
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

ReptoFood is aware of its social responsibility. We treat people, nature, animals, plants and our planet responsibly. That is why Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays an important role in our corporate vision. The Aquatic Wholesale Group regularly acts as a sponsor of charities in which the welfare of people, children and animals plays the main role.

We try to support several charities every year, such as the Food Bank and Children in Need. With our projects, we try to make a difference. Our thanks go to our team and all our customers who made this project possible!

Large assortment of insect species.

  • Premium live insect feed for reptile nutrition.
  • Extensive variety: locusts, crickets, worms, flies, cockroaches.
  • Frozen feed options: mice, rats, one-day-old chickens.
  • Expertly bred for optimal nutrition and safety standards.
  • Decades of expertise in breeding and nutritional excellence.

State of the art facilities.

  • Breeding facilities for live insect feed.
  • Advanced freezing facilities for optimal frozen reptile feed
  • Regular supplementation ensures a consistent supply of quality feed.
  • Cutting-edge equipment supports our facility operations efficiently.
  • Reliable delivery through Aquadistri

Quality control and quarantine.

  • Solid quarantine period, ensuring healthy & vibrant insects.
  • Pristine conditions ensure freshness and quality assurance.
  • Specialized staff with extensive knowledge.
  • Stringent quality control protocols ensure top-tier standards.